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Taken from Angelo Villagomez's Blog

I saw the statuses blowing up Facebook yesterday and was able to share a message to help look for a missing woman.  I tried to reblog the story, pilfering pictures from Angelo’s page, but gave up after battling with my slow connection.  All day long people talked about it; every blue car that drove by was suspect; it was on our minds and we secretly hoped for a miracle.  Today, I got home and checked my phone to find the most disturbing news.  Emie Romero’s body had been found.  I can’t get on to the local online newspapers because there’s too much traffic.  We’re waiting with baited breath for the news and everyone is in shock.  How did this happen on Saipan? Shootings and kidnappings and now a murder.  It’s all unreal.  I didn’t know Emie or frequent Godfather’s Bar, but I am a mother and my heart goes out to her children who are hurting far worse than we are, and who will continue to mourn her absence long after we forget.  Which is why we can’t forget.

Update: Of the two local newspapers, one is reporting “a tragic ending” and the other “unconfirmed”. We can’t tell if social media is helping or hindering efforts and whether or not a search is definitively over.  Family members were already notified, so in times like this, neither option is good news.