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First, let me tell you there might not be any such thing as a healthy S’more.  When you are ready to say that out loud and accept it we can move on.  You good? Good.  Now, let me tell you that I really did try to make a nutritious but delicious campfire treat with all the sweet goodness and marshmallowy yumminess that you want to taste when you bite into a S’more.  I had a great idea.  I was going to use mini marshmallows, bananas, granola and Nutella, but this is Saipan.  In Saipan, you either scour half a dozen stores for three ingredients or take what you get.  The bananas at  “Joyful” Market looked nasty, but not in the sultry Janet Jackson way; the only granola available were the ones in bars and Nutella? Forget about it.  And so, the S’more On A Stick was born.

Drizzle some honey in a small bowl.  I would have picked Nutella to substitute  chocolate, but I’ll explain why I didn’t.

Find the child who is most likely to want to help if you use the word “smash” when you ask. Put a few chocolate covered graham cracker cookies in a baggie and let her go to town.  In my perfect recipe, I would have used Nutella instead of chocolate and granola instead of graham crackers, but having found none I settled for Keebler’s chocolate covered graham bars.  Nutella would have done what the honey did, which was bind the granola/graham crumbs to the banana/marshmallow.  That would have used way less chocolate (A.K.A. evil sugar) but still tasted amazing. When making something you plan to feed children, it is always a good idea to enlist their help.  I say this as if I believe it, but I actually needed the girls to help make things go a little faster.  I also wanted to try to convince them this would taste awesome by letting them play with their food.  Soak skewers in water to prevent them from catching on fire.

Dip individual marshmallows into the honey, coating half of it.  Roll the sticky half into the chocolate graham cracker crumbs.  Arrange them crumb side up on a platter.  When you’re ready, insert the skewers into the mini S’mores.  I sprinkled the leftover crumbs on the platter.  Waste not want not.  Whatev.

What makes these healthy -er? Well, nutrition is not just about what you eat, but how much you eat and when you can’t find healthy substitutes, the next best thing to do is moderate what you let yourself consume.  Less chocolate, fewer cookies and only one marshmallow, but still delish! I call it a success.