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Hope was in charge of music, Peyton and Sommer collected ornaments.  Honey did lights and tall things duty.  The first of our Holiday traditions got underway without a hitch.  In keeping with our color palette (which means we couldn’t decide on just one color) and decor, we decided to put up a bamboo Christmas tree.  Enjoy!

Our Bamboo Christmas Tree

She's finally old enough to be able to arrange the Christmas Village.

Gotta get those top branches

It's not the tree that makes the holiday, it's the spirit.

This is Saipan.  If it isn’t marked up 200% or you can’t find it at all, you just have to make it yourself.

Wonder if I can get a lift from Honey too.

The tree's got swagger. Um, I think that's how they'd say it.

Homework after decorating. Hope is such a responsible girl.